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by Olga Iserlis 

Explore the art and wisdom of living your best, most stylish and elegant life through the eyes of prominent society hostess and businesswoman Olga Iserlis in her beautiful new book, co-published by Bynd Artisan.

With over 208 pages and three sections — “Fashion & Style”, “Etiquette & Manners”, and “History & Tradition”, readers can expect a generous helping of canapé-sized inspirations, ideas and anecdotes drawn from Olga’s own wealth of experiences. Alongside them are fun, historical facts annexed by a thoughtful bibliography of sources, humorous anecdotes and etymological analyses.

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Ministry of Design

Dr. Ng King Kang


Justin Lim

Khairullah Rahim

Olivia Lee


Erwin Lian

Joel Tan

Larry Peh