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Birthday Gifts

A special gift for a special someone in your life to say “Happy birthday!”, “Thank you for born”, “Thank you for being you”, and “The world is better with you in it”. Find a one-of-a-kind gift for the one-of-kind person you’re celebrating.

1. The Everyday Crossbody
A sling to carry her/his favourite things — from Monday through Sunday.


2. The Leather Folio
A neat gift for the one who likes to keep things organised. May be used as a clutch or as a compartment in her/his tote.


3. The Multi Card Holder
Not just holder of name cards or credit cards, this is a gift for making good first impressions that last. For the entrepreneur or self-starter you care about.


4. Customised Notebook
For the writer, artist or dreamer in your life. No gift makes them feel more seen and understood than a notebook full of possibility. Customise it, and personalise it with their initials for an extra spark of magic.


5. Compact Wallet with Coin Pouch
Practical and personal in equal measure, a gift of wallet carry an unspoken bond between you. Insert a bill or a coin in it for a little surprise and a lot of good luck.

Make your gift even more special and personal by adding your recipient’s name, initials or a mantra via our complimentary monogramming service.

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