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Petit Fours, 2014

The limited edition Iggy’s x Bynd Artisan Petit Fours incorporates Asian flavours into Western favourites, meshing the seemingly disparate elements into perfect harmony.

Encompassing Bynd Artisan’s ethos of embodying heart with soul, Iggy’s chefs and Bynd Artisan’s craftsmen share their ideas and this resulted in creations driven by authenticity and artistry. This synergy weaves the two distinct professions together by binding them at the core of artisanal excellence.

Iggy’s created a limited edition of eight handcrafted petit fours inspired by Asian flavours comprising of bon bon, macaron and chocolates exclusively for Bynd Artisan.

Handcrafted to resemble a book, the packaging box reflects Bynd Artisan’s rich heritage of bookbinding.

5tones, 2016

Handcrafted by one Michelin-star restaurant Iggy’s for Bynd Artisan with creative concept and design by &Larry, 5tones is a limited edition dessert collection that draws on Singaporeans’ favourite pastime – five stones, a popular game adored by children back in the kampong days. A confectionery masterpiece featuring a harmonious marriage of five decadent local flavours, 5tones is a definite crowd- pleaser created to bring out the child in each of us.

Originally played using five actual stones on sand, Iggy’s recreated this childhood favourite game into five bite-sized desserts that are astutely handcrafted to mimic actual stones that were first used in the game. The dessert is available in five flavours — Bubor Cha Cha, Bandung, Soursop Lime/Cempadak, Black Sesame, Peanut Beard Sugar.

To complement 5tones, the dessert box playfully features a bed of White Choco Roti Crumbs, replicating a sandpit and allowing one to relive childhood memories by playing with the edible five stones, coating them with crumbs that add a tinge of sweetness and crunch to every bite.

About Iggy's

Founder, Ignatius Chan is well-known for his quest for quality ingredients and in creating a unique dining experience for his guests at his restaurant. Iggy’s has won many accolades since its inception more than a decade ago. Each creation at Iggy’s focuses on seamless balance and it boasts an award-winning Burgundy-centric wine list. Iggy’s intimate interior is the work of renowned multi- disciplinary designer Chris Lee of Asylum Creative.


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