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Ying the Label

Ying the Label for Bynd Artisan, 2016

To commemorate both brands’ anniversaries and encourage entrepreneurial spirit, Bynd Artisan and Ying the Label have come together for an exclusive collaboration. The Ying the Label for Bynd Artisan capsule collaboration features a limited edition shawl for the season of gifting.

The shawl features a single flower motif hand painted by Ying using watercolours. With a flair for colours, Ying applies different shades and hues to showcase her ideas. The final artwork is photographed to capture the minute details and printed onto 100% tencel, a material woven from fibres of botanic origin, giving it softness, strength and breathability. The fringes are finished off with a gorgeous raw frayed edge.

Complementing the shawl is a leather piece by Bynd Artisan that acts as a subtle accessory to secure the shawl into two styles. Made of natural grained cow hide in natural beige, it is detachable and can be worn as a bracelet on its own.

The Renewal Bag, 2020

The Renewal Bag is a limited edition of upcycled, reversible totes that brings together both brand’s advocacy towards global sustainability efforts to contribute to a broader change. This is a second collaboration between Ying & Bynd Artisan as both brands embark on a journey towards a more mindful and eco-conscious approach to the creation and production process.

The collaboration brings together the beauty of Ying’s hand painted watercolour artworks and fabrics from past collections with the luxury of Bynd Artisan’s leather handles from leather offcuts. The Renewal Bag is reversible to offer you a choice of two distinct styles. It is available in four designs: Gentle Winds in Rose, Bravery in Forest, Mountain in Midnight, Bougainvillea in Scarlet.

About Ying the Label

Established in 2015, Ying the Label is an independent fashion brand born out of the love for watercolour painting and fabrics. This passion transpired into the many collections the label is proud to have created over the years. The whimsical charm and experimental colour combinations of Ying’s hand painted artworks are the most distinctive characteristics that underpin each one of the label’s designs.

As the brand evolves, Ying dreams bigger with where her art could go, and what stories they may tell beyond fashion, beyond the use of fabrics as her canvas. With that dream in one hand and a brush in the other, she began painting new paths and embarked on the next leg of the brand’s journey — one that has led her to translate her art into beautiful lifestyle objects, from accessories to decorative objets d’art for both living and work spaces.

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