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Art Outreach

Bynd Artisan for Art Outreach, 2018

Bynd Artisan has taken part in various initiatives, each celebrating and supporting the growing presence of up-and-coming local brands and young budding artists. As a strong proponent of the local arts scene, Bynd Artisan collaborates with Art Outreach to co-create an exclusive collection of bag charms that were specially designed by winners of the inaugural IMPART Awards - emerging artists, Justin Lim and Khairullah Rahim and curator Kamiliah Bahdar.

The bag charms are embellished with four different motifs, each set of two representing the unique illustrations of one artist.

Justin demonstrated immaculate precision with technical strokes that were evident in his exquisite sketch of an orchid bloom. Devoid of colours, Justin’s hauntingly beautiful and delicate strokes capture the melancholy and barrenness of life – its impermanence and fragility reflected in shades of monochromatic hues, reminding us that longevity is relative; to treasure every fleeting moment in life as they are embedded into our memories, becoming a part of our past and moulding our future.

Khairullah’s work on the other hand is a stark contrast to that of Justin’s. The use of vibrant, rich hues of greens and accents of warm tones exhibits the joy and passion of living life to its fullest. With the illustration of a banana tree ingrained in both compositions, Khairullah attributes his art piece to Memori Daun Pisang (Memories of a banana leaf) – a 90s Malay pop song that tells the story of a pair of lovers seeking shelter from the rain by hiding beneath a banana leaf. Reinterpreting artworks derived from Smells like Sweet Cologne (2016) and Oh Dear I (2016), Khairullah expresses parks as a site of nostalgia where one yearns for love, affection and acceptance.

About The Artists

Justin Lim— Justin works mainly with charcoal and graphite on paper, and is continually pushing his understanding and control of drawing as his chosen medium. His drawings are explorations on mortality, the passage of time, and the longing to hold on to things that are ephemeral and transitory. He mounted his first solo exhibition Beyond Bittersweet in 2016 as a winner of the Young Talent Programme 2015. Exhibitions Justin has participated in include Bilateral Bonds (TAKSU Singapore & Kuala Lumpur, 2017), Untapped Emerging (Shophouse 5, Chan + Hori Contemporary, 2017), and Fantastic Rubbish: For the Love of Locality (Institute of Contemporary Arts, 2015). Most recently, he had his second solo exhibition The Drift Project II at Art Porters Gallery.

Khairullah Rahim— Though formally trained in the field of painting, Khairullah also creates sculptures and installations. His works are motivated by engaging and sometimes challenging stories of the marginalisation of minorities and are often contextual analogies for human societies. Both factual events and personal experiences are fundamental in his works as he mixes fact and fiction to create a discourse. Khairullah has participated in numerous exhibitions including If you think I winked, I did. (FOST Gallery, 2015), CRUISE (Shophouse 5, Chan Hampe Galleries, 2015), No Approval (Grey Projects, 2013), and PROJECT 6581 (JCC, Embassy of Japan, 2013). In 2016, he had his second solo exhibition next Sunday at Shophouse 5, Chan Hampe Galleries.

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