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The Hidden Good

Inspirational Journal, 2020

We may not be happy all day every day, but there is happiness to be found each day in little moments of joy, stillness, light, visioning and blooming.

With the good people at The Hidden Good, we’ve put our heads and hearts together and created this beautiful set of Inspirational Journals— a pocket guide packed with 30 days of wisdom, inspiration, tips and ideas with which to nourish the soul, heart, mind and body; a great tool for anyone who’s in search of a deeper, healthier and more sustainable relationship with happiness to build their own daily practices.

The Inspirational Journal comes in five colours, each named after an intention or practice we believe to be a bedrock of happiness:

Joy (Uncover the joy within)
Still (The power of being)
Light (Trust your process)
Vision (Seeing differently)
Bloom (Grow slowly, blossom beautifully)

About The Hidden Good

The Hidden Good (THG) is a community-centred media platform and social enterprise that collaborates with advocates and partners to raise awareness on social issues and inspire action. They make the good in the world less hidden by inspiring social change through leveraging the power of content and community. It all began as a social movement in response to the increasing negativity and apathy online. “Enough. We are tired of hearing about everything that’s going wrong in the world, and it’s time to take ownership of the world we want to live in and find what’s right.” In 2014, it was officially incorporated and became a registered social enterprise with raiSE Singapore.

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