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Getting To Happy

“Getting To Happy with Bynd Artisan” Brooches, 2022

We attract what we are. This collection of “Getting To Happy with Bynd Artisan” magnetic brooches invites you to decide what you want to attract into your life — and be that.

Hope, Love, Gratitude, Sunshine, Dream, Happiness, Kindness and Grace — eight cheerful and uplifting brooches inspired by eight words we can choose
to wear and embody at the start of each new day to encourage ourselves and those we interact with to live with intention, and to actively choose joy and well-being.

Having been a life coach for over a decade, Shireena started Getting To Happy™ to give people exactly that: Tools with which to create their own happiness every day. What began as a mission to inspire others to live a happier and more mindful life turned into a handy deck of 31 cards designed to motivate one to make small, intentional changes through science-backed activities, tips and ideas.

And now, these pearls of wisdom and essences of joy have been further distilled into eight delightful brooches crafted in Bynd Artisan’s leather — happiness you can wear as a style statement and mood booster.

About Getting To Happy™

Getting To Happy™ is a movement towards creating a happier society and community in Singapore. Founded by Shireena Shroff Manchharam, a life and happiness coach for over a decade, this box set of 31 cards is designed to motivate you each day through science-based activities and tips to increase your overall well-being and level of happiness.

Through small, intentional changes, you are guided to get to happy through four key areas in your life: Mindfulness, Positive Mindset, Prioritise You and Happy Community. Take this happiness challenge — one month to a happier, more mindful you.

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