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Sunday Folks

Tùgether, 2021/2022/2023

“Tùgether” — a portmanteau joining the Chinese character for rabbit “兔” and “together” — was first launched in 2021 by Bynd Artisan in collaboration with Sunday Folks. It was inspired by a new way of thinking about togetherness: What does it take to come together, connect and make new memories? What does it mean to be together with those who are next to us and those far away? Perhaps, looking at the same moon, savouring the same mooncake in the same moment—distance notwithstanding— is the sweet spot of comfort. As long as we are together, we are home.

About Sunday Folks

Sunday Folks is an artisanal dessert brand that offers a thoughtfully curated menu of handcrafted desserts prepared with pride and passion with the touch of a master craftsman. Sunday Folks enjoys doing things differently and always with a steadfast focus on quality. From the selection of raw ingredients to the making of crafted sweets, every detail pays homage to the freshness and tastefulness of our products. The brand reflects
a sincere desire to deliver only the best-possible dessert experience for every guest, so one may enjoy a little taste of Sunday every day.

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