Tùgether — A Mochi Mooncake Experience

This is not just a box of precious bunny-shaped mooncakes. This is your invitation to go on a journey—through your senses, through curious new spaces, somewhere between the past and present, the familiar and the surprising, between tradition and novelty.

“Tùgether”—a portmanteau joining the Chinese character for rabbit “兔” and “together”—is a new way of thinking about celebration this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Together with Sunday Folks, we present our first mooncake collaboration, merging the best of two worlds of craftsmanship. Each mooncake is handmade with a soft mochi snow skin with gold-leafed bunny ears and a refreshing Japanese white bean and yuzu zest filling.

The packaging is equally beautiful: A full-moon-inspired box with a Nappa-leather handle—which you’ll want to display as a home-décor piece long after Mid-Autumn Festival. It also comes with our Rabbit Leather Charm on the paper bag—an apt finishing touch.

Every detail has been carefully considered and chosen to make this a gift of love, friendship and gratitude—a celebration of togetherness this Mid-Autumn Festival.

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