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Ministry Of Design

CODE, 2019

To deconstruct the concept of the tuxedo, the entire collection has been distilled down to a single angular leather module: a starting point for infinite compositions. CODE is ultimately conceived as a system for creation rather than a singular creation. Petite pendant or commanding vest, CODE also seeks to blur the boundaries between apparel and accessory.

Referencing to the striking sartorial structure of the iconic tuxedo, MOD rebels against the idea of the “fashion consumer”; returning power to the “fashion creator” in each of us. Forget boring dress codes, live by your own CODE.

For CODE’s 2019 debut, MOD has created the “Launch Edition”. Based on a 6-module composition, it is available in a trio of tonal attitudes: CODE CLASSIC - a pure black composition CODE SOFT - a pastel composition 
CODE ALCHEMY - a silver and gold composition CODE expansion kits are also available in packs of two modular units.

About Ministry of Design

Ministry of Design is an integrated architectural and interior design firm that has won Singapore’s President Design Award twice, New York’s Gold Key Award thrice, and named “Designer of the Year” by International Design Awards (USA) and been featured in Wallpaper, Frame and Surface.

Founded by Colin Seah to Question, Disturb & Redefine the spaces & experiences around us, MOD’s explorations are created amidst a democratic ‘studio-like’ atmosphere and progress seamlessly between form, site, object and space.

“We love to question where the inherent potential in contemporary design lies, and then to disturb the ways they are created or perceived; redefining the world around us in relevant and innovative ways, project by project. This, we declare, is real change, not change for the sake of novelty. Fortified with these aspirations, we begin each distinct project anew by seeking to do 2 things: to draw deeply from the context surrounding each project, but also to dream freely so that we might transcend mere reality and convention. Each MOD project endeavours to be delightfully surprising but yet relevant, distinctly local but still globally appealing.”

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