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The Dwell Collection, 2022

To dwell (verb) is to stay or live in a particular place or state. A dwell (noun)is a slight regular pause in the motion of a machine. The Dwell Collection — a set of five ceramic home-decor pieces designed and handmade collaboratively by’s Jeanette Adrienne Wee and Bynd Artisan — is our interpretation of the current world’s need and yearning for stillness and being-ness. In the pairing of two disparate materials, ceramic and leather, there emerges a deep sense of harmony. Individually, the ceramic is made with Stoneware clay, handbuilt or wheel thrown into character, and fired with a unique white glaze — its strength and beauty forged in patience and surrender. Meanwhile, the vegetable tanned leather lends tactile comfort and a simultaneous boldness to each piece. Together, they culminate in a timeless collection —cup,vase, tray, plater and platter— that transforms poetry and philosophy into form and function. That breathes lightness and a feeling of well-being into the spaces and moments in which you dwell.


Nestled within the heart of Chip Bee Gardens, Singapore, lies – a space devoted to the art of pottery and the creation of exquisite homewares. At the junction of artistry and functionality, is driven by a commitment to producing their own exclusive range of products, and sharing our passion through immersive pottery courses and workshops.

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