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Anniversary Gifts

Whether you’re celebrating a new relationship at the mark of one month, 100 days since your first kiss, a year of marital bliss, or commemorating 10 years of being best friends and the love of each other’s life, there’s a gift for every kind of anniversary to make your significant other feel adored and appreciated.

Anniversary Gifts For Her:

1. Heart Bag Charm
This is how you tell her, “Carry my heart with you (carry it in your heart)”. Poetry in a gift — it’s romance, it’s perfect. Put her name on your heart to make it more so.


2. Watch and Jewellery Box
Every piece of jewellery from you has a special place in her heart. Now give them a special place in her closet, too, where she may continue to collect shiny precious memories with you.


3. Duo Pouch
Fill it with love letters you’ve been writing her. A gift both stylish and sentimental, a Duo Pouch with dual purpose to double the joy of your anniversary.

Anniversary Gifts For Him:

1. Key Hook
Create your own version of the Love Lock tradition. You don’t have to be in Paris or Seoul to seal your love, give him a Key Hook with his name on it so he may feel it everywhere he goes.


2. Compact Wallet
A well-chosen wallet is an intimate gift. Together with some of the most personal and important things he’ll carry in it, there you are, kept close to him at all times.


3. Metropolitan Work Pad
Because you’re the biggest supporter and fan of his work. Here’a s gift that’ll remind him and give him an extra dose of encouragement.

Would you like more anniversary gift ideas?