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Soilboy with Bynd Artisan Repotting Workshop, 2022 / 2023

Started by multidisciplinary creatives, Soilboy is definitely not your average, run-of-the-mill gardeners or ‘plant lovers’. Here for a mission, and one mission only: to inspire a sense of curiosity for the greener things in life.

Learn the importance of potting mix and plant-care tips (light, water, environmental factors, ventilation) to keep plants alive and healthy. Participants are guided through the steps to proper plant repotting technique and get to bring home their own freshly repotted plant, an exclusive Soilboy with Bynd Artisan Potting Mat and soil scoop.

The Soilboy with Bynd Artisan Watering Tag was also designed to make plant-parenting life easier as it keeps track of watering activity each week. Made from recycled leather, the numbered tag also works beautifully as an accessory for your pot. Read more about it here.

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