Some Superheroes Don’t Wear Capes — Mervin Wee

This Father’s Day, we seek to create a community of Dads to celebrate fatherhood.

To kickstart, we invited 3 dads to share with us their journey of being a Dad. First up, we have Mervin Wee, Managing Director of Jean Yip Group.

Mervin Wee

Managing Director of Jean Yip Group


What does fatherhood mean to you?
In short, it completes my life.

What is your favourite moment with your children?
When I received news that my first child was born, my heart jumped and at the first sight of my baby, I had a strong feeling that I was looking at a part of myself and my wife Jean.

Every moment with my 3 children and now my 3 grandchildren gives me pure and complete joy. Once, I was on my way to my shop with my little girl Cheryl - she was 5 years old then. We bumped into one of my female customers and we chatted for a while about changing her hair style.

Immediately after that, my daughter interrogated me for 2 hours, asking me about that lady I was having a conversation with. I was really touched and happy about her innocent reaction and possessiveness over her daddy. Moments as such are always remembered and they are priceless.

Now, being a grandfather, I’ve come to realise that the joy of fatherhood doesn't stop when your kids grow up or when you have grandkids. In fact, the moral support that I can provide for my kids’ and the love we share with our grandchildren is multifold. I’m blessed that I’m able to be there for my children, grandchildren and hopefully my great-grandchildren too.

How is your ideal Father’s Day like?
My ideal Father's Day wish is to see everyone in the family happy and they can celebrate this special day with me over a good meal - likely prepared by me because they all say I'm an excellent cook :D

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