Some Superheroes Don’t Wear Capes — Loh Lik Peng


This Father’s Day, we seek to create a community of Dads to celebrate fatherhood.

To kickstart, we invited 3 dads to share with us their journey of being a Dad. Today, we have Loh Lik Peng,
Founding Director of Unlisted Collection to share with us his story.

Loh Lik Peng

Founding Director of Unlisted Collection

What does fatherhood mean to you?
Fatherhood has been a joy to me. I think for me it represents growing up and learning to put others above oneself and you learn to do that when you have children. A child is a lifelong journey of love and growth for both parties. Our first loves are our parents and siblings and in a sense that relationship is one of where our parents bring us up and we love them unconditionally in return, at least in the early years of growing up we fully depend on the love of our parents. Then, we find our lifelong partners and that is a love of choice. We get to choose who we settle down with. Children are the final piece of the puzzle and a full turn of the circle. We have these charges that we have to love unconditionally for the rest of their lives and we pour every hope and resource we have into ensuring they are loved and thrive. So fatherhood for me is also the fulfilment of the circle of life.

What is your favourite moment with your children?
Favourite moment with my kids is going out on long scoots with them. Every few days we set off on these two hour scoots around the streets of Singapore. We used to go to Gardens by the Bay or other parks to do this but since the lockdown we have been going out past 10pm and we scoot around the streets of Singapore instead, because all of the parks are closed. It's just me, Conor and Cassie - we chase each other and race about for two hours on these deserted pavements. It's been wonderfully fun and one of the silver linings to this circuit breaker. They would normally not stay up so late and the pavements would also usually be too busy so this has been an unusual time for us and we are relishing it.

How is your ideal Father’s Day like?
Ideal father’s day is going to visit my dad with my kids, who love playing with their grandparents. I think it’s amazing that my kids get to spend time with their grandparents. It’s extremely heart warming to have these memories to cherish. I recall spending time with my grandparents too and I really treasured the time and every occasion we are all together is another opportunity to ensure they have the same experience and realise how much we gain from having those interactions.

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