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Upcycled Leather with Botanical Couture Accessory Crafting Workshop

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Join Bynd Artisan in our mission to live a more sustainable life. Experience the fulfilling process of giving things new life and purpose. In this workshop, immerse yourself in the art of designing and crafting your own leather fashion accessories such as earrings, bracelets, brooches, hair and lapel pins, using surplus leather pieces.

Choose from a variety of leather colours and botanical design moulds to make the final accessory uniquely yours. Explore the creative process of arranging dried botanicals into unique couture designs and embellish your leather accessories with a touch of nature’s beauty.

Location: Bynd Artisan ION Atelier
Duration: 3-hour workshop
No prior experience is required.

Sign up is strictly for one participant only.

In case of last-minute rescheduling, kindly drop us an email or call at least 4 hours before start of session. Kindly note that we only accept a one-time rescheduling and will not be extending the option of rescheduling to participants who did not inform us of no show prior to start of session.

For private workshop sessions catered to your company events, do email us at for more information.

As a repository of traditional skill set, we share our bookbinding and leather-craft expertise with hobbyists, aspiring craftsmen and anyone who’s curious.

Through Bynd Artisan workshops, learn something new under the guidance of our craftsmen and creative collaborators. Experience the joy of crafting objects such as an AirPods case and fashion accessories using upcycled materials, as well as the intricacies of hand stitching different sections of paper together.