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Dwell Vase

Sale priceS$200.00

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The Dwell Vase is an ode to this gift of Nature. Curved gently like a warm embrace, poised and quiet, with a tanned leather belt knotted against its cream-white ceramic skin as the ultimate expression of its essence, here’s a vase that shows its inhabitants’ beauty to themselves. Here’s where love blossoms.

Get it on its own or as a set with the other pieces in the Dwell Collection.

Experience our craftsmen’s fine workmanship which has evolved over decades as they continue to learn new skills and technology while preserving and staying true to the tradition of their craft.

Our leather products are handcrafted using Europe-sourced natural-grained cowhide with attention to the finest detail, giving them a soft and luxurious feel. Add a name personalisation for your item to stand out even more.