The Healing Power of Journalling with Hanli Hoefer


Hanli Hoefer

Media personality & Co-founder, "Just So We're Clear" the podcast


Bynd Artisan: Everyone who journals, journals in their own unique way. What is your way, and when did you start journalling? 

Hanli Hoefer: If you can’t go out, go in. That seems to be the mantra of the month. For me, 'going in' is journalling. I’ve always kept a journal since I was a child. There is no wrong or right way to journal. Here are a few of mine: I use it to plan the year, set goals, write gratitude lists, write to myself as if I was talking to my best friend, visualise my future self (on January 1 this year, I wrote a detailed description of who I want to be in 2030 from her career, her family and even her hairstyle). Sometimes I write out my fears to acknowledge them, and sometimes I just write down what I did that day, plain and simple.

BA: When do you usually journal?

HH: For me, it’s mostly at night to unpack the day.

BA: How has it helped and benefitted you in your mental and emotional wellbeing?

"It has helped me navigate so much madness, from break-ups to new careers and especially now living alone in the time of Coronavirus. It keeps me grounded, reminds me of my priorities, re-evaluate how I spend my time and helps (shift) my mental state. It’s my therapy." — Hanli Hoefer


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