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Article: #BreakTheBias



Talking & Walking Towards A Gender-equal World

Four business leaders from different industries share their thoughts and experiences on gender equality in our International Women’s Day panel discussion.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias, inviting us to imagine a gender-equal world.

In support of this movement and in our hope of creating such a world, we gathered a panel of business leaders — Sharon Chong (Partner, RHT Law Asia LLP), Wen Hui Tan (Director of Development, Asia, Hilton), Eric Chiam (CEO, Minmed Group), and Rachel Lim (Co-founder, Love, Bonito) — at Bynd Artisan’s Holland Village Atelier, where they shared their thoughts and personal experiences or observations on the topic.

Moderated by Yvonne Chan, presenter and former CNA news anchor, they also spoke about the actions they have taken and will continue to take as leaders in their respective industries to help raise awareness on gender bias, and the steps we can take — in the home, at work places, in schools and in our communities — to empower women and free them from the stereotypes and discrimination they face.

“All of us have a duty to make things better for the future generation.”

—Sharon Chong (Partner, RHT Law Asia LLP)

“What really help is having a solid and genuine platform for women to step out and speak up. This could be through the form of forums and support groups — go-to contact points within the company where women can voice their concerns on gender barriers and biases very freely and comfortably without the fear of being judged or even penalised.”

— Wen Hui Tan (Director of Development, Asia, Hilton)

"It comes down to the society hearing more about people who are successful — women leaders on where they are through real-life stories of how they overcome and how they do what they can do as leaders in that space… If we hear and have more stories to inspire, I’m sure it’ll go a long way…”

—Eric Chiam (CEO, Minmed Group)

“The modern woman is multi-faceted. She wears many hats. She’s not just a mum, not just a daughter or just a wife. We have many different roles we want to play, and many dreams that we want to pursue. Ultimately, at Love, Bonito, we want every woman to believe in who she is.”

—Rachel Lim (Co-founder, Love, Bonito)

We would like to thank Yvonne Chan, Sharon Chong, Wen Hui Tan, Eric Chiam and Rachel Lim for joining us in this conversation. You might also like to watch our IWD #BreakTheBias conversations with Tracy Phillips (founder of Ppurpose), visual artist Sam Lo and social psychologist Sunita Pong.

The views expressed in this conversation are solely the speakers’ own and are not necessarily that of Bynd Artisan’s.

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