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Article: 2023 Round Up

Our People

2023 Round Up

James and Winnie

2023: The Year in Review

It has been a memorable and fulfilling year, and we are glad to have conquered 2023 with you by our side. Whether you’re a long-time friend, or recently acquainted with us, we are grateful for all of your support. It is with a full heart that we look back on a year of wonderful opportunities, creating unique products, and meaningful experiences for you.

Here are some of the highlights of our year:

Key Product Launches

Key Product Launches

New additions to the Bynd Artisan collection, such as a new and improved version of crowd-favourite, the Crossbody Sling Bag. In line with our sustainability mission, we also launched the Enviro collection, which is made from biodegradable Kraft paper fabric.

Our seasonal collection this year features the Prosperity Set for Chinese New Year, The Blossom Gift Set for Mother’s Day and our Magical Moments collection for Christmas.

Apart from new products, we’ve also introduced two new colours, Peacock and Khaki, into our repertoire for selected products.



This year, we continued to explore unique and meaningful collaborations. These included: “Love, Mum”, a letter kit created with Motherswork, the Upcycled Collection with Commune, Magical Moments with Super Farmers, and, for the third year now, the Tùgether in Harmony Mooncake Basket with Sunday Folks.



Connecting with our community remains an important part of what we do. This year we've done so through campaigns such as the “Championing Equity Through Mentorship" panel discussion, our interview with Richard Munao, founder of Cult Design & nau, as well as the recent “New Year, New Plans” series.

Founders' Notes

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2023,
here’s a message from our co-founders, James and Winnie.


“As we enter into 2024, I wish to extend my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and trust in Bynd Artisan. It has been an incredible journey, and I am truly humbled by the love and support we have received.

As I reflect on this year, 2023 has been one that was filled with growth, challenges, and memorable moments for Bynd Artisan. Sustainability was a key focus for us as seen through the launch of our eco-conscious brand, reBynd — where we explore eco-friendly materials and production methods, striving to minimise our environmental impact. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our products to our operations, as we implemented initiatives to reduce waste, conserve energy and support ethical practices. We also experienced significant milestones and accomplishments that have shaped our brand and set the stage for an exciting future.

Looking ahead, we are excited to continue our commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability and innovation. Next year also marks the 10th year that Winnie, my incredible co-founder, and I have been working together since founding Bynd Artisan, and we couldn't be more grateful for your support. Through the years, we’ve expanded our product range, collaborated with some seriously talented artists, and navigated through Covid 19.

Moving forward, we will keep exploring new materials, collaborating with talented artists, and creating products that bring joy and inspiration to your lives. Your feedback and suggestions have always been invaluable to us, and we will continue to listen and evolve. Thank you for being a part of our Bynd Artisan community. Here's to a fantastic 2024 filled with creativity, connection and beautiful creations.”


“In 2023, I came to the realisation that achieving success involves more than just grit, persistence, and resilience — it also requires the ability to recognise when to quit. True victory is not solely about pushing through challenges; it's about discerning when to pause, reflecting on the need for rest, and making decisive choices without the fear of other’s opinions or criticism.

Behind the courage to present one's ideas, subject them to testing, learning swiftly to adapt in the face of failure, is a mindset rooted in humility and vulnerability that is aligned with one’s purpose: I do what I do because of my love and passion for my work and my desire to keep improving, not for glory, praise or approval.

In a world where VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) has become the new normal, this profound revelation has given me the psychological freedom and a newfound courage that I will be embracing more as my guiding compass in 2024 through an unpredictable business landscape with both resilience and purpose. I am welcoming 2024 with excitement about how much I am going to learn and grow from it!”

From all of us at Bynd Artisan, Happy New Year!
May all your hopes, dreams and intentions materialise in 2024.

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