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Friendship Box Sale priceSGD80.00
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New Aperitif Box Aperitif Box
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Merry Hamper Sale priceSGD68.00
New Crossbody Sling Bag Crossbody Sling Bag
Crossbody Sling Bag Sale priceSGD200.00
Office accessories to elevate workspaces.

Make your selection and personalise it to create a corporate gift that’s truly meaningful and unique.
Speak with us for bulk orders with personalisation.

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Agenda Notebook Sale priceSGD48.00
Customised Notebook Sale priceSGD38.00
Metropolitan Work Pad Sale priceSGD180.00
Pencil Case Sale priceSGD135.00
Sold out Book Jacket Nbr 1 Set Book Jacket Nbr 1 Set
Book Jacket Nbr 1 Set Sale priceSGD170.00
Book Jacket Nbr 2 Sale priceSGD180.00
Book Jacket Nbr 3 Sale priceSGD190.00
New Valet Tray Valet Tray
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Artist A5 Sale priceSGD25.00
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Pen Case Sale priceSGD100.00
Sold out Black Book Black Book
Black Book Sale priceSGD38.00
Guest Book Jacket Set Sale priceSGD220.00
Writing Pad Holder Sale priceSGD330.00
Writing Pad (A4) Sale priceSGD10.00
Sold out main_image Chronicle
Chronicle Sale priceSGD20.00
Sold out main_image Chronicle - Journal
Chronicle - Journal Sale priceSGD20.00
Chronicle - Places and Traces Sale priceSGD25.00
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Desk Pad Sale priceSGD550.00