One For The Journey

The Stories You Keep

Chronicle — where you make plans, build dreams, write your story and keep these memories alive

Today, we launch the Chronicle Notebook Series. Featuring four special covers, the motif designs are inspired by four of Singapore’s historical landmarks — Clifford Pier, Emerald Hill, Fort Canning and Kent Ridge.

Each place has witnessed its share of history, evolved and transformed through the passage of time, each made up of as many stories as there are stars in the sky. What they have seen, heard and experienced have given them their unique characteristics and made them what they are today.

These notebooks are designed for you to document your own journey. Use them to record your ideas, set goals, build dreams, write your story and remember these moments that are passing us by too quickly. One day, may you look back on these pages — witnesses of your history — and marvel at everything you’ve created to make yourself come true.

Chronicle is available in four special covers: Clifford Pier, Emerald Hill, Fort Canning and Kent Ridge, as well as a Plain and Journal option. It features a black-card cover with exposed kettle-stitch binding at the spine, and white ruled pages inside.

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