The Healing Power of Journalling with Velda Tan

Velda Tan

Founder of Our Second Nature 

Bynd Artisan: Everyone who journals, journals in their own unique way. What is your way, and when did you start journalling? 

Velda Tan: I journal once a week, usually on Sundays.  I start by reflecting on the ups and downs of the week, the emotions I felt, the small and big wins, three to five things I’m grateful for, and what I’ve learnt. I also write about my days with my daughter, Ellery, as I wish to be more present in my parenting journey.

BA: When did you start?

VT: I started young, perhaps in my teens, where I would keep a diary and write about school, relationships, et cetera. I’ve been journalling on and off since then, but I find that I tend to turn to it during the low seasons in my life. I recently started journalling again when I was overwhelmed with what’s going on with the world.

BA: How has it helped and benefitted you in your mental and emotional wellbeing, and in your healing?

I definitely feel less anxious when I journal. I think that’s because journalling is an emotional output for me. I find that I’m able to analyse my feelings better when I write it down, and it’s been such a great tool in helping me discover myself." — Velda Tan

(Photos courtesy of interviewees.)

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