The Healing Power of Journalling with Olga Iserlis

Olga Iserlis

Founder & Director, Adagio Events 

Bynd Artisan: Everyone who journals, journals in their own unique way. What is your way, and when did you start journalling? 

Olga Iserlis: I am very old-fashioned and traditional when it comes to the journalling and note-taking. I do not even use the phone calendar to record the appointments and tasks. Somehow, the actual pen and diary works magic for me.
I started keeping a journal when I was a child. Some of the notes are still with me, and many were lost. But the notion of expressing myself with the journal, going through the process of putting my feelings and thoughts on the paper, has stayed with me all these years.

BA: How often to do you journal?

"Almost everyday. I record my thoughts, my dreams, my plans and tasks. I am not afraid to share boldly, to express honestly, to question myself, and to reveal worries and what is stored deep in my heart. At times, it’s a soothing process, and at times it’s an agonising and emotional task." — Olga Iserlis

BA: How has it helped and benefitted you in your mental and emotional wellbeing?

OI: In these last few weeks, I have been doing a 21-day meditation challenge, a task that is hard for me to comply with due to my often-busy mind. The process requires me to write down my thoughts and manifest my feelings in a very bold and honest, at times, very revealing way. By doing this daily, the longing to write in my journal has become even more important and more relevant than ever.

I realised that journalling is not simply to record your life, but also to throw your burden on paper and feel relief. 

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” —William Wordsworth

This is a quote I like, and it’s exactly what the journal means to me.

(Photos courtesy of interviewees.)

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