Soilboy With Bynd Artisan Repotting Workshop

Nurturing Plants & Love

A collaboration with Soilboy


A proper environment and care for a plant are necessary for it to grow healthily and happily. Understanding and administering the right amounts of light, water, temperature, ventilation and communication suitable for each plant is how we nourish it to help it thrive. It’s not so different from how we nourish our relationships with people we cherish.
This Father’s Day, we invite you and your dad to join us and Soilboy in a new workshop, where you may bond as you learn to repot a plant together. Through the 1.5-hour session by the team of plant lovers who are on a mission to inspire greener things in life, you’ll learn proper repotting techniques, the importance of potting mix, plant-care tips, and more.

No prior experience is required, so all are welcome. You will also be bringing home a Soilboy Planter with your very own freshly repotted Everfresh Tree, an exclusive Bynd Artisan X Soilboy Potting Mat, a soil scoop and care cards.