New In: A Beautiful Letter Kit with Motherswork

A Mother’s Love In 21 Letters
A collaboration with Motherswork.

“But let me see if — using these words as a little plot of land and my life as a cornerstone — I can build you a centre.” — Qiu Miaojin

This Mother’s Day, express your gratitude to mum as well as other mother figures who have had a loving hand at raising and nurturing you. Look how you’ve blossomed!

Love, Mum” is a letter kit created by two mothers (Bynd Artisan’s Winnie Chan and Motherswork’s Sharon Wong) for other mothers to impart their wisdom on what matters on this beautiful journey called Life.

This beautiful set of 21 themed letters invites mums to give herself the gift of quiet moments to think about what she’d like to tell her child by her own hand about love, kindness, success, courage and bad days, et cetera. These handwritten words will go on to become a guiding light for the little ones as they grow up and learn to navigate through each season of their life.

Each letter comes with a heartfelt quote and individual envelopes. “Love, Mum” makes for a personal, meaningful gift for both mother and child — a priceless keepsake that’ll last a lifetime.

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