It's Perfect For You

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” — Dr Seuss

This week, we welcome a new addition to Bynd Artisan’s Customised Notebook Series:

The Perfect Bound Customised Notebook

Inspired by our interactions with you, we started to think about how we could let each one of you unique individuals express yourself on any given day and occasion. You already do it so well with the clothes you wear, why not with the essential objects in your life, too?

The notebook, for many, is an indispensable assistant at work, and confidante in private moments. There’s something sacred and therapeutic about putting pen to paper whether you’re setting goals, taking notes in a meeting or journalling. And so, not just any notebook will do. It has to be perfect — for you.

The Perfect Bound Customised Notebook is a journey of getting to know yourself again. From the cover to paper type, the colours to accessories, and the words you will put on the cover as a final touch — your name, initials, or word for this year — what will you choose? “Perfect” is all yours to define.