Father Figures: Mr Richard Tang

Over the past 12 months, we have all been put through the test. How we’ve remained standing tall, how we’ve kept on going strong, and with a hopeful smile on our faces, how we’ve kept our wits about us—these are testament to a job well done by the remarkable fathers and father figures who’ve raised and taught us to be who we are. The opportunity we’ve had to spend more quality time with them and watch and re-learn from them up close this past year has made us even more appreciative of the values, wisdom and skills they have imparted to us.

This Father's Day at Bynd Artisan, we'd like to show our appreciation for the three men who have been mentors, role models and father figures to all of us at the company. We’ve introduced you to Mr BC Chong and our chairman James Quan. Now, meet Mr Richard Tang, one of the finest salespeople you'll encounter.

Mr Tang is a brand ambassador of Bynd Artisan. Always striving to provide a memorable shopping experience, the 65-year-old never fails to greet anyone who walks through the door with a smile. With a keen eye for details, Mr Tang spares no effort in offering his best recommendations according to a customer’s needs. Don’t be surprised if he remembers and addresses you by your name, because that’s how meticulous and thoughtful he is. The Bynd Artisan Team is grateful to have this jovial brand ambassador in the family.


Read our words of appreciation for our Founder and Chairman, James Quan, and Master Craftsman, Mr BC Chong.


We’d like to invite you to join us in showing your appreciation to the father figures in your life. Tell them in person, say it in a letter/card, or send them a message now.