Make Dreams Happen With #JustOneThing - Rebecca Eu

“Plant trees under whose shade you do not plan to sit.” — Gauranga Das

If you could do #JustOneThing to help turn a young person’s dream into vast possibilities and a reality, wouldn’t you?

Local charity Halogen Foundation has been on a mission since 2003 to inspire and influence a generation
of young people through leadership and entrepreneurship development. And through its #JustOneThing campaign this year, it is joined by local businesses and business leaders to expand the provision of quality leadership and entrepreneurial education for youths in Singapore, regardless of background, to develop their potential in becoming positive change agents.

Bynd Artisan is honoured and proud to be a partner of this meaningful campaign, which empowers not only the beneficiaries but also the contributors (or Halogen Enablers) with a wonderful opportunity to exercise our creativity in putting together fund-raising activities and projects by harnessing our unique expertise.

Over the last few months, we welcomed 12 remarkable individuals of their field in our ateliers to do #JustOneThing for the cause. The objective was to create a collection of 12 customised notebooks, each featuring a cover designed with words or illustrations of encouragement and inspiration that is special and very personal to these artists, entrepreneurs and change-makers. Messages of hope and can-do-ness that will surely give your own dream a little boost, or cheer you on to dream again.

Dive into our #JustOneThing photo diary to discover all 12 designs/quotes as well as the meaning behind them, and to get a glimpse into the merry notebook-making sessions.

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Rebecca Eu

If you can be anything … be kind.  

Founder of Mei’s Own

“Choosing to be kind is harder than we believe. Kindness exists in a quiet way and usually goes unnoticed or is rarely appreciated. For Singaporeans, despite transforming into a super city within a short span, we don't proclaim that we are better than our neighbours. We learn to embrace and incorporate aspects of their culture into ours. Quietly and respectfully, is how we express our kindness. I have a special love for frogs. Though they're not beautiful like peacocks or regal like lions, they are remarkable creatures that have something to say. I see a part of myself in them as I'd like my voice to be heard too — to celebrate the unnoticed acts of kindness we choose to do every day.”

The Halogen #JustOneThing X Bynd Artisan Notebook comes in 12 customised designs, with 30 pieces available for each design. #JustOneThing #byndartisan