Travel Essentials

Ready To Fly

Travelling is making a comeback, and it’s filling our days and conversations with a sense of exuberance and freedom. Finally, the choice to go or to stay is ours again. ​

The trip that you have been planning in your head — the solo Balinese retreat for the soul; reuniting with family and friends on the other side of the world; celebrating your birthday in Paris, taking the family on a ski trip, a romantic vacation away from the kids, going to a concert in Vegas — is now (or soon to be) a boarding pass in your hand. And with it, a new appreciation and gratitude for what is possible once more.

Part of the fun of going on a holiday, in case you’ve forgotten, is planning your holiday style. It’s time to give your travel essentials a little sprucing up.

Here, we’ve prepared a checklist so you don’t have to: Leather Passport Cover, Luggage Tag, Jewellery Roll for your roster of accessories, Phone Sling, Traveller Sleeve, Currency Wallet, Leather Bifold, Zip Pouch, and more. Bon voyage!