LIGA Now In 4 New Colours

Add More Colours

Last year, we launched the Leather Immunity Guard Atomiser (LIGA) to offer you and your loved ones protection and peace of mind all day, everywhere. The non-toxic, scent-and-alcohol free disinfecting mist, which features the world’s first Nano19 QI Formulation, is suitable for use on the hands, mask and other high-touch surfaces.

As we rejoice greater freedom to travel, be with a few more friends and family, and enjoy a renaissance of mask-free days outdoors, let’s continue to live with care for our health and safety.

With that in mind, we’re introducing four new colours to the LIGA collection. Joining the existing black and red duo are dark blue, taupe, pink and teal, available individually.

Compact, convenient and considerate of your fashion needs, LIGA is the perfect gift of the season — for you and your favourite people.