New Launch July

Hit Refresh


The irony is, as much as we are creatures of comfort, we also crave new. New excites us. Change, when administered in small doses, can be a positive stimulant to a too-familiar way of living and working. When familiar spaces and habits are given a new arrangement, rhythm, colour, scent or accessory, et cetera, we attune the eye and other senses to see, feel, move and create with renewed verve and inspiration. Now, there’s something else to look forward to.


Re-introducing the Leather Immunity Guard Atomiser (LIGA) — refreshed
with a leather strap with which to accessorise bags, pouches, even belts.

And the Mini Photo Frame in four new colours — Red, Turquoise, Grey and Purple. On the desk, quotes that motivate. On the mantlepiece, photos that keep happy memories. A frame for what matters to enter. ​

It’s time to hit the refresh button on the familiar with a few new details.