Experience Joy & Hope In Six Ways

Life Is A Box Of…

What if “Joy” and “Hope” were tangible things we could hold in our hands, put in a pretty box and give to those we dote upon? Inspired by the idea, we gathered some of our favourite artisans and artists to give shape and form to two of life’s greatest gifts.

Experience “A Season of Joy and Hope” in six different ways, thanks to Commune, Mr Bucket, wy:now, Muri (Plan B), Eastern Glass, Cone Number 9, Yomeishu, Casali del Barone and The Letter J Supply.

Joy is… a handful of bergamot-scented bubbles.

The set contains wy:now’s Bergamot Clary Sage Hand Wash in Bynd Artisan’s Canvas with Leather Toiletry Bag.

Hope glows.

The set contains a trio of candles in mouth-blown glass by Eastern Glass, with Bynd Artisan’s taupe-leather Tea Light Tray adding a touch of elegance.


Joy is a morning cuppa; a simple pleasure.

The set contains a pair of artfully marbled cup, each handcrafted by Cone Number 9 and unique. Upcycled leather coasters in a holder made from Commune’s leather scraps (assorted colours).

The alchemy of Nature’s essence in a single sip; it’s a cocktail of joy and hope.

The set contains Yomeishu’s Kanoshizuku Craft Gin, which uses 11 varieties of botanicals and pure underground water polished by Japan Central Alps. Comes with Bynd Artisan’s Leather Hip Flask and funnel.


Finding hope somewhere between light and dark chocolate.

The set contains Muri’s Passing Clouds non-alcoholic champagne (brewed in Copenhagen), and Mr Bucket’s 66% Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs, made from sustainably-sourced cacao. Come with Bynd Artisan’s Canvas with Leather Wine Bag.

Joy looks red and tastes of violet; it’s a duet of “cheers!” and chiming glasses.

The set contains Casali del Barone’s Barbaresco 2018 red with hints of violet and fruit (comes in a Bynd Artisan Canvas with Leather Wine Bag), and Mr Bucket’s 66% Dark Chocolate with Cacao Nibs.