New In: “Picture Perfect Frame” Collection

New In: “Picture Perfect Frame” Collection

“It’s time to switch off why don’t you / It’s stealing all our time / Watching as others live their lives”

 Not everything needs to be picture perfect. This is the message behind our latest collection with Singaporean pop singer/songwriter Priscilla Tan, named “Picture Perfect Frame” after her newly-released song.

In this collection, a quartet of Bynd Artisan items features Priscilla’s heartfelt, honest lyrics to address the “picture perfect” culture on social media for the sake of our mental health. What if we normalise a healthier culture of sharing not only our highlights, but also our struggles and work-in-progress states? What if we compare less and connect more by doing so?

“I want to promote a more balanced view of our lives on social media. Not everything needs to be a picture-perfect frame,” says Priscilla.

The collection consists of the Picture Perfect Black Book, Picture Perfect Frame, Picture Perfect Luggage Tag and Picture Perfect Mirror*, featuring lyrics from Priscilla Tan’s song “Picture Perfect Frame” in calligraphy.

*The Picture Perfect Mirror is available exclusively at Bynd Artisan's Ateliers.

Listen to Picture Perfect Frame here.