Leather Key Charm Workshop

In this workshop, learn to design and craft your own leather ...See More +

In this workshop, learn to design and craft your own leather key charm as you give new life and purpose to surplus leather — a step towards sustainability by creating something new with offcuts. Choose from a variety of colours, design moulds, metal fittings and trinkets to make the final accessory uniquely yours. 

All participants who attended this workshop will receive a ‘Note To Self’ Coaster made of recycled food pulp paper.

Duration: 1.5-hour workshop
Recommended for ages 16 and above.
All materials and tools are provided. No prior experience is required.

In case of last-minute rescheduling, kindly drop us an email or call at least 4 hours before start of session. Kindly note that we only accept a one-time rescheduling and exchange/refund is strictly not allowed at any point. We will not be extending the option of rescheduling to participants who did not inform us of no show prior to start of session.

For private workshop sessions catered to your company events, do email us at commune@byndartisan.com for more information. Minimum 5 pax.


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