Enchanted Candle Trio


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This beautiful set of leatherclad candles, scented with 5% French Vanilla, is a meaningful present to remind ourselves and those we love to stay present. Each candle (180g) comes in a frosted glass jar with a wooden lid, with leather sleeves debossed with the words LovePeace & Joy. The leather sleeve can be repurposed as a sleeve for cups or jars of diameter tapers 65 - 71mm.

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Dimensions: 83mmL x 150mmH 

  • Sleeve: Natural grained cow hide leather
  • Candle Trio Set - A set of 3 candles 
  • Available in 2 colour themes:
    Enchanted Candle Trio (Red, Brown, Turquoise)
    Calming Candle Trio (Pink, Grey, Purple)

  • Note: 
    Place candle away from flammable material and direct draft. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children & pets. Do not ingest. To extinguish, carefully blow out the flame and allow wax to cool before closing back with the wooden lid.

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