gether Again Mooncake Basket

The moon, as one iconic Chinese song goes, is symbolic of one’s heart. On September 10, when the moon — and the heart — is at its fullest, we shall gather with family to bond, feast and appreciate the good things in life. On this day, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, we celebrate by sharing mooncakes, tea and stories, basked in the glow of moonlight and lanterns.

This year, we’re pleased to present the “Tùgether Again Mooncake Basket”. Tasty on the inside, tasteful on the outside, each set of six individually-boxed baked bunny-shaped mooncakes is filled with shiro-an (white-bean) filling with yuzu zest. Packed in a bamboo and vegan-leather basket with a nylon dustbag by Bynd Artisan, the basket and dustbag may be separated to be re-purposed as you like.

Aligned with spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival, every detail of our mooncake basket has been made from a place of joy to give joy. That includes the print featured on the box, dustbag and paper bag by The Letter J Supply, which was chosen with care to evoke a sense of calm and joie de vivre for you and the ones you gift.

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