What Colour Is Your Energy: Peacock or Khaki?

Peacock and Khaki

Peacock or Khaki?

There’s a season for everything. Some days call for adventures, action and being out there. Then there are days that wave gently for you to come back, ground, be here, and reset.

This season, we’d like to introduce you to two new colours, Peacock and Khaki, each representing a different mood and energy.

Peacock & Khaki

Whether you find yourself diving for a blue that whisks you away to Santorini and the Aegean Sea, or landing on the khaki which returns you to the quiet embrace of hearth and home, you’re reminded to honour exactly where you’re at.

Peacock & Khaki

Choose an object in the colour your heart calls for. Will it be the Pencil Case, Multi Card Holder, Mouse Pad or Broad Card Holder (Khaki)? Or will it be the Luggage Tag Basic, Passport Basic, or Metropolitan Work Pad (Peacock)?

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