The Art Of Intention

An A Magazine X Bynd Artisan collaboration

Through this time of uncertainty, we’ve learned to slow down and take stock of where we are now and where we want to be in life. We want to live more purposefully, to pay it forward and create impact, especially for future generations. Which is why this collaboration with A Magazine is extra special to us.

The A Magazine X Bynd Artisan “The Art of Intention” Gift Cards feature diverse artworks by society leaders and friends, each with a heartfelt and personal insight on love, tenacity, overcoming, carrying on and the ability to see beauty and have fun no matter what life gives us.

The cards come in a set of 10 in an exclusive custom-made pouch. All nett proceeds raised will be donated to local charity Halogen Foundation, whose mission is to inspire and influence a generation of young people through leadership and entrepreneurship development.