Send A Little Love

They say that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Well, it has been tough for a while now, and to keep going, some of us have gone shopping. Why not? A little gift, whether it’s for yourself or another, never fails to bring about a smile and feelings of being appreciated. If nothing else, the act of unboxing a gift is joy itself.

Row 1 (Left to right): Access Card Holder with Lanyard , $100 | Key Hook, $45 | Zip Pouch (S), $120
Row 2 (Left to right): Pencil Case, $120 | Mini Photo Frame, $30 | Metropolitan Work Pad, $150
Row 3 (Left to right): Star Bag Charm $30 | Duo Broad Card Holder, $75 | Butterfly Bag Charm, $30

As this roller coaster we’re on continues, send yourself a little love. You deserve it. May we suggest a lucky charm for your handbag, an eye-catching clutch with your initials on it, or a photo frame for your WFH desk to keep your favourite cheerleaders close?