New To The Hygge Collection

The party may have shrunk, but the music hasn’t stopped. And so the party, like life, must go on. Truth be told, we’re loving this new, more intimate way of gathering and celebrating. Everything from the guest list and the menu to the conversation and table setting is now more personal and thoughtful. Instead of leaving a party drained, we are energised.

It’s with this new party mindset that we’ve designed the Hygge Wine Bag and Hygge Double Wine Bag in a cosy denim inspired material, spiffed up with a chic leather handle. It’s how we imagine we’d bring our own beverages to our friends’ parties — with style and class — and subtly leave it behind as a gift for the hosts. Available in six colours: Rose, Teal, Green, Grey, Brown and Blue.

Get yours and get it initialed before the next RSVP.

Hygge Pouch

Designed with front and zip pockets, plus a band that lets you attach it to your notebook.
Makes a perfect little clutch on its own too.

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