Mist-ery Gift

We’re thrilled to share with you the launch of our new Leather Immunity Guard Atomiser (LIGA), a disinfecting mist featuring the world’s first Nano19 QI Formulation by SG Guard in a chic Bynd Artisan leather case.

LIGA is a non-toxic, scent-and alcohol-free spray that promises
to keep viruses and bacteria at bay, offering you protection and peace of mind through the day. Use it on
high-touch surfaces such as your desk, keyboard, door handles and even your mask.

LIGA is designed with your well-being, convenience and style in mind, and you can count on it to be very
gift-worthy, both for yourself and loved ones.

It comes in a set of two — in red and black leather — with interchangeable sleeves for a different look. Add a name or special word personalisation, and it becomes a safety/lucky charm, too.

Get Yours Here.