LIGHT Botanical Scent Oil

Sometimes the light we seek shows up in unlikely and unexpected places: The kindness of a stranger, a flower, the stillness of a moment, a surprise letter, a beautiful sky. It’s wonderful and quite magical when you encounter light this way. But we figured it’d be pretty great, too, if light could be readily accessible and within reach whenever you need it. Which is why we decided to put it in a bottle for you to breathe it in and find your light within wherever you are.

The Light For Bynd Artisan Botanical Scent Oil, made with love with scent studio Candles Of Light, was inspired by hope and renewal. Concocted from Eucalyptus, Juniper, Bergamot, Geranium, Orange Blossoms and Sea Salt, this exclusive blend will bring you comfort and calm.

Use it together with the Scent Clay with Leather Pouch in favourite spaces, such as in your car or bathroom, where you can have a moment to be with yourself.