“Getting To Happy with Bynd Artisan” Brooches

“Happy” Looks Good On You

A collaboration with Getting To Happy™


We attract what we are.
This collection of “Getting To Happy with Bynd Artisan” magnetic brooches invites you to decide what you want to attract into your life — and be that.

Hope, Love, Gratitude, Sunshine, Dream, Happiness, Kindness and Grace — eight uplifting brooches inspired by eight words we can choose to wear and embody at the start of each new day as an encouragement to ourselves and those we interact with to live with intention and actively choose joy and well-being.

“People could only be the best versions of themselves — as parents, as leaders, as friends and partners, etc — when they are happy and looking after themselves. And the good news is: Happiness is within our control,” says Getting To Happy™ founder and life coach Shireena Shroff Manchharam.

Making these brooches definitely made us happy. We hope they’ll make you happy, too.

“Getting To Happy with Bynd Artisan” Brooches retail at S$100 for a set of 8,

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