Father's Day Gift Guide

He’s the man who has taught you everything from riding a bicycle to fixing a car. He taught you the value of self-worth and discerning taste. He said “yes” when mum said “no”. He’s the reason you know the importance of working hard and laughing harder. He has shown you by example that family always comes first —he could never be too busy or tired for dinner and binge-watch your favourite TV series with you.

For these reasons and more, grace Dad — or someone dad-like in your life — with your most thoughtful gift yet this Father’s Day. Whatever you choose in the end, complete the gift with his name or “Dad” on it — because sometimes you just have to spell it out.


Featuring: Agenda Notebook, $48 | Traveller Wallet, $275 | Zip Pouch (M), $220



Featuring: Compact Wallet, $180 | Metropolitan Work Pad, $180 | Book Jacket Nbr 2, $180

Featuring: Duo Broad Card Holder, $100 | Notepad Holder, $200 | Wine Bag, $110