Expressions Of Love ❤️

How Will You Say “I Love You?”

LOVE. It’s amazing that a little word could have as many meanings as there are stars in the sky. How does your love feel? Is it a blossoming crush? Is it love at first sight? Are they your soulmate?

However you decide to say “I love you” or “I like you” this Valentine’s Day, and whether you have a grand plan in mind, or are looking for special final touches, may you find something here to be a part of your unique expression of love and affection.

For Him
Little things that remind him of you.

For Her
If you like her, you should put her name on it.

For Both Of You

A set of two “Love” Customised Notebooks with Heart Bag Charm — for poems, love memos, and precious memories. Or just the romance of having matching notebooks with each other’s names on them.