Craftsmen Day Out

This year, we brought our team out to Straits Clan to unwind over an afternoon of fun, good food and good company. We kick-started the celebrations with a boisterous round of Lou Hei as we gathered at the long table in a private function room, exchanging prosperous New Year greetings with our chopsticks raised.

After enjoying our well-tossed Lou Hei - some even went for seconds, and third servings of the delicious salad with hamachi (yellow tail fish), we were then shown to our seats at Kin, where our Peranakan feast awaited us.


The Luncheon

Helmed by Chef Damian D'Silva, a name synonymous with Singapore heritage food, we were treated to a line up of seven dishes - starting the course meal with his signature dishes Daun Pegaga, Chi Pow Kai and ending off with a couple of delectable treats; Kueh Kosui and Kueh Bengkah.

Coupled with the dishes which were each lovingly handmade from scratch with the finest ingredients were creative beverage concoctions such as Pina No-Alcolada (vanilla, mango, lime, pineapple, ginger beer) and Roselle Punch (roselle, ginger, grapefruit, soda).


The Arcade

After a hearty feast, some of us headed over to The Arcade to take a trip down memory lane as we indulged in retro games and a friendly match of ping-pong, whilst the others nestled into Madam Wong's to warm up their vocal cords for the karaoke showdown.

Showdown @ Madam Wong’s

The highlight of the event was when we gathered at Madam Wong's for our inaugural singing competition.

With glowing red lights emitting from the walls and acoustics blaring from the surround sound system, everyone slowly got into the groove and started belting out favourite tunes. The usually quiet ones were singing their hearts out and everyone cheered each other on as the competition heated up.