#BreakTheBias — Sam Lo

Imagining A Gender-equal World

Three individuals share personal stories of gender bias
and the changes they wish to see in achieving a more gender-equal world.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias, inviting us to imagine a gender-equal world. In support of this movement and in our hope of creating such a world, we hosted a panel discussion last month with four business leaders, who shared their thoughts and observations on the topic in their respective industries.

In order to have a more diverse conversation, we also asked three individuals — Tracy Phillips, founder of Ppurpose, visual artist Sam Lo, and social psychologist and co-founder of Project Renaissance Sunita Pong — to talk about their personal stories on the gender discrimination they have experienced or witnessed, reasons why they think gender bias still exists, and the changes they would like to see in the effort to achieve gender equality.

In this video, visual artist Sam Lo speaks about the double standards in the treatment of men and women and the deep-rootedness of the problem.

“(Gender bias) has been hardwired in us from a young age. My mum or parental figures would tell us that women will always be at the losing end. I think that’s a very problematic stereotype. But I knew that they were telling us that to protect us. But why was there even a need to do so?”

We would like to thank Sam Lo for joining us in this campaign and important conversation. You might also want to watch our chat with Tracy Phillips and Sunita Pong.

The views expressed in this conversation are solely the speakers’ own and are not necessarily that of Bynd Artisan’s.