Autumn Feels

Somewhere between brown and grey,
between Summer's soirées and Winter’s quietude,
resides the colour Taupe.

Taupe is an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the view. It’s a deep breath of contentment and calm, a feeling of warmth and relaxation. A reminder to let go of unnecessary stress and return to the here and now.

Neutral and timeless as it looks, there’s a contemporary charm about it, so ubiquitously featured in recent years in homes of the young and stylish. Something interesting has been said about Taupe—that it’s the Switzerland of colours. In other words, when in doubt, go for Taupe.

Token & Key Holder with Strap Wristlet

Taupe is a cup of hot chai latte when you’re in need of a little comfort. This is the season to focus on the good, or make it happen. With that spirit, dress your TraceTogether token or keys in this taupe leather holder with a handy strap wristlet. You got this.

Compact Wallet

Cluttered desk, cluttered mind, they said. That, we imagine, goes for other areas of your life, such as your wallet. This season, according to the “Tao of Taupe”, de-cluttering is the challenge, and possibly your way to greater productivity, creativity and joy. Start this journey with the Compact Wallet — keep only what you need, and out with the rest.

Zip Pouch S

Taupe is a state of mind. Get organised from the outside in — starting with your handbag or drawers, and then your thoughts. The Zip Pouch S is a great tool to compartmentalise credit cards, membership cards, office passes, receipts, your phone, or even notes from your loved ones. Try it.