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A collection of short stories that document Dr Ng King Kang's most treasured memories while travelling over the years.

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A personal, heartfelt collection dedicated to his beloved friends, ‘Wish You Were Here’ is a beautifully crafted piece of work that embodies King Kang’s love for adventure, music and photography. It is a treat for the senses – transporting readers across the world through words, photos and lyrical melodies. Experience the world through King Kang’s eyes as he takes you on an exciting and memorable adventure from the comfort of your homes through his works:

  • Book 1: Wish You Were Here – Words (只想和你去旅行 - 文字)
  • Book 2 :Wish You Were Here – Pictures (只想和你去旅行 - 图片)
  • Wish You Were Here Limited Edition Box Set (只想和你去旅行 - 限量版套装)

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