Our Story

A Shared History

The story of Bynd Artisan is inextricably tied to the lives of our master craftsmen and to the legacy of our founding company, which spans a period of over 70 years today.

Through the years, the business of bookbinding and leather crafting has moved inexorably with the progress of technology. Yet at its heart, each and every book and leather gift began as a hand-designed prototype, created by a small band of craftsman.

Today, the company’s spirit of artisanal excellence lives on through their work. This holds true even as digital convenience becomes throwaway and immediacy turns into impermanence. It is with today’s thinkers, dreamers and doers that we hope to share the remarkable output of some of Singapore’s greatest practicing craftsmen.

“Everything is possible if we believe in ourselves and keep trying. Be passionate – live life to its fullest and make your dreams come true.”

Ms Winnie Chan CEO & Founder, Bynd Artisan

“Business goes beyond buying and selling a product – It must first be built on relationships.”

Mr James Quan Chairman & Founder, Bynd Artisan



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